The Value Proposition must consists of a basket of financial and non-financial value that a potential investor/tenant will receive/perceive when locating within the CAV as the preferred investment destination of choice. Key drivers to CAV’s value proposition will include; 1) Incentives and rebates, 2) Cost of operations and 3) “One-stop Shop”

1). Basket of Incentives and Rebates – A unique set of incentives will be developed with identified strategic partners. These incentives will be used to attract potential investors (tenants) to CAV.

2). Cost of Operations – CAV shared services will reduce the cost of operations of potential investors (tenants) by virtue of the economies of scale and scope from procuring these services from a single provider. Shared services are, but not limited to:

3). “One Stop Shop”

Note: The package of value propositions to investors/tenants are contingent upon a range of factors e.g. Investment size, socio-economic impact and government approvals.