The Centurion Aerospace Village (CAV) is an Industrial Park initiative of the Department of Trade, Industry, and competition (the dtic) aimed at supporting the growth and development of Aerospace, Defence and Advanced Manufacturing Industries in South Africa.

The aerospace and defence industries have always been important contributors to the National, Provincial, and local economies. CAV will provide land and facilities as well as services intended to support our tenant partners in achieving economies of scale through the agglomeration of suppliers and services, improving processes, increasing productivity, and ultimately improving the cost competitiveness of our tenant partners.

By attracting fixed domestic and international investment, the CAV’s development will contribute to job creation and sustainability in the aerospace and defence industry. This will achieve significant macro-economic benefits nationally, provincially, and locally.

  • The CAV was designed to unlock the growth potential of the aerospace, defence, and advanced manufacturing sectors in order to contribute to the below objectives in a meaningful way, amongst others, the following:
  • The local (national) Aerospace and Defence Industry will benefit from the development of the CAV which will contribute to the industry remaining internationally competitive.
  • Local OEM representation, OEM suppliers of components, parts of components, parts, and tools, as well as service providers will likewise benefit from synergistic and economy of balanced applications. Other relevant industries and sectors (Automotive, Metals, Chemicals, etc.) will directly benefit from the establishment of the CAV; and
  • The SMME sector will likewise benefit from numerous opportunities that will be identified for further development.

The Mandate of the CAV

The Centurion Aerospace Village (CAV) is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dtic) in developing a sustainable Industrial Park to support South Africa as a Global Player in the Aerospace and Defence Industries’ value chains thereby attracting foreign & domestic direct investment in the CAV.

CAV is an intended Hi-Tech Advanced Manufacturing Cluster supporting maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) incubation and R&D capabilities aimed at attracting and retaining key industry leaders as anchor tenants, manufactures and service providers.

The Aerospace and Defence Industries have always been important contributors to the national, Gauteng provincial and local Tshwane economies. CAV supports the industries through economies of scale and agglomeration. Facilities and services would promote, develop and mentor SMMEs & B-BBEEs, create business opportunities in the area and benefit communities by supporting job creation and strengthening the industries in general.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the CAV, in order to stimulate economic development through the establishment and operation of an Industrial park, are as follows:

  • To become a hi-tech advanced manufacturing industrial park in support of the Aerospace, Defence and advanced manufacturing industry; and
  • To provide facilities, services and a technical environment to complement and promote the common interests of the Aerospace, Defence and Advanced Manufacturing industries in South Africa.